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A. R.:

Dear Mr. Segal:

We represent Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L. P. ("Seuss"). We recently had the opportunity to review an article appearing in the Los Angeles Times on March 31, 1999...

At this point, we must admit to not yet having had the opportunity to review the book published by No Starch Press. We will also require that you provide us with a copy of the book. If the book contains Seuss images, it is violating Seuss' copyrights... It is not clear that you appropriated images to illustrate the book. While we may be able to assume a talmudic scholar may not be familiar with copyright laws, we cannot imaging [sic] a circumstance where a publishing house would not be aware of copyright infringement.

Please provide a copy of the book as soon as possible, and no later than May 15, 1999. If the book contains Seuss images, publications and distribution will have to cease immediately to remove any copyrighted Seuss works. By copy of this letter to No Starch Press, we are putting it on notice of Seuss' rights, concerns and demands. By signing and returning this letter, you are confirming that you have instructed No Starch Press to cease publication and distribution of the book in the event it contains Seuss works.

L. B.:

I have to congratulate on this wonderful Haggadah. We in our 40's enjoy it!!

Always children at heart...

Thank you in advance and Chag Sameach.

P. B. G.:

I was just told of this ADORABLE haggadah....next year in Omaha...Mazel tov on a wonderful innovation for my grandchildren who willl be 6, 5. 4, and 3 years old next Pesach. Have a wonderful holiday.

A. K.:

I read about your Haggadah in the LA Times and was taking a look at your website.

Wonderful work! I sure will try to get the book for my son. ...

Thank you for creating this.

M. B.:

Howdy - My Dad sent me the link for you on-line Hagaddah. Very cute... it's a lot of fun.

I just checked out your online Kid's Hagaddah, and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your wonderful site (and book)! I wish it was around when I was a kid!!

D. F.:


My four year old son Daniel enjoyed your web site very much. He was singing along with your music. Thank you for such a nice Passover resource.

S. S.:

Prof. Segal,

I read about your Haggadah in New York Newsday a few days ago and decided to take a peek at it on your Web site. I had tremendous fun reading it and I printed out a few chapters to show the rabbi at the temple I attend.

You have done a mitzvah!!

You entire web site is gorgeous. You must have spent countless hours designing it. I have never tried building a page, never mind an entire site (I really don't have a need for one) so I was greatly impressed. I am somewhat of a computer maven, but web sites are not in my line of expertise. Now my appetite is whetted...

Have a Happy and Enjoyable Passover.


I found this websit too and added some of the parts of the Haggadah to our seder. It was great. The kids loved it and so did the grown ups. Everyone wanted to read. Sure made the seder fun. Thanks for posting this for all.


Dr. Segal

I found out about your website by a very fortuitous accident. I have not had a chance to totally go through each of the links but having looked at the Haggadah and the site dealing with orthodoxy I am grateful to have the opportunity to study each of the units. I have a regret, and that is the fact that I am unable to be a student in one of your on campus classes.

G. R.:

My child has enjoyed your writings and Bonnie Gordon Lucas's most clever illustrations. It has made her holiday more festive. She has always enjoyed the Dr. Seuss type of writing. I am so happy Newsday featured this.

D. J. B.:

"Our Favorite Uncle"

About a week before our seder on the fourth night of Pesach, I already knew who our guests would be--family and friends with about 25 adults and 15 kids. Ages 2 yrs to 72! We spent a few nights with Uncle Eli: with some careful work we modified the story so that we turned it into a play with ourselves as the cast and the audience. We changed pronouns where necessary and assigned "roles," sometimes having people read alone or together or as an entire group. We added some amusing songs. Our guests are very secular, hardly observant Jewish people. During our half hour service, there was laughter, amusement, spontaneous glee, nonsense and general merriment. And yet we covered many of the main elements of the Passover story--without a single complaint or yawn! We began as a collection of invited guests, grew into a congregation of players in a musical-comedy and transformed ourselves into an intentional spiritual community celebrating Passover in a novel, fresh, totally enjoyable new way. Uncle Eli's special Haggadah with our modifications has done more than any other single experience in recent years to bring our entire little group of friends and family closer to feeling good about being observant Jews. What might have been just another obligatory yawner of a seder for a bunch of disaffected Jews was instead a remarkable evening of Judaism touching our hearts and minds through laughter and merriment. The kids got! The old folks got it! The Boomers got it! We all got it, Uncle Eli--and we love what you've contributed to Jewish life! B'shalom from Your friends in Irvine, CA

A reader from Ann Arbor, Michigan

Can't wait to give my seder a boost Just got my copy. I've got 7 kids, aged 3 to 18. They *all* love it. The Slave To Do List cracks me up. Can't wait to use it at this year's Seder!!!!

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