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Virtual Visitation Research team


Principle Inverstigator

  • Dr. Qing Li

  • University of Calgary,

    Qing Li is associate professor at the Faculty of Education, University of Calgary. She received her Ph.D from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education in 2001. Her recent work has focused on the design of technology-enhance learning environments, particularly in the math and science contexts. Another area of her interest is social justice in relation to technology. Since 2002, she has been an educational technology professor at University of Calgary teaching both graduate and undergraduate students. She directed several projects on technology integration at UC.

    Research Assistants

  • Isadora Mok
  • Isadora Mok is currently a graduate student at the University of Calgary, specializing in Educational Technology. She also works as technical support staff for the Graduate Division of Educational Research, providing help to students and instructors working in an online environment. She has a degree in Psychology and is also one of the graduates of the Masters of Teaching program at the University of Calgary. Upon graduation, she was hired by the Calgary Board of Education and The Chinese Academy. Her main responsibility was to teach second languages to elementary school children.

  • Kelly Edmonds
  • Kelly Edmonds, Ed.D student focusing on online learning in higher education at University of Calgary. She completed her Masterí»s in Educational Technology online with the University of Calgary in 2005.

  • Natalya Nicholson
  • Natalya Nicholson is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Geomatics Engineering at University of Calgary. Her research uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) as a remote-sensing tool for monitoring atmospheric water vapour. She is the winner of the SWAAC Graduate Student Award of Merit. She is the virtual mentor and role model to encourage high schools students to learn math and science.

  • Ela Zeng
  • graduate student specializing in Educational Technology at University of Calgary

  • Lana Hansen
  • student in Educational Technology at University of Calgary.

  • Weiqing Shan
  • Weiqing Shan, graduate student specializing in Educational Technology at University of Calgary


    Ann Ard, Calgary Girls School

    Marlene Vazquez, Calgary Girls School

    Nicole Van Malsen, Calgary Girls School

    Sherry Leppa, Olds Junior and Senior High School

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