How to view PDF files

A document saved in PDF (Portable Document Format) format can be viewed on any platform (Mac, Windows, Unix, etc) without the need for any special fonts or operating system.

Follow the three simple steps to view PDF files :



If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, download it from Adobe WWW site.

You may automate the above procedure by setting up Acrobat Reader as a helper application in your browser.

The following is an example (Mac) of how to set up Netscape 3.0 in order to open PDF files automatically in Adobe Acrobat Reder. What you need to do is to set up Adobe Acrobat as a helper application in Netscape.

Step 1 : Run Netscape 3.0 and Choose General Preferences from the Options menu

Step 2 : Choose Helpers as shown

Step 3 : Click on the New button

Step 4 : Fill in the empty boxes as shown

Step 5 : Click on the Application radio button and then click on Browse

Step 6 : Locate Adobe Acrobat application on your hard disc and choose open

Step 7 : Change the File type to PDF

Step 8 : Do OK on all windows

Adobe Acrobat reader has now been set up as a helper application in Netscape. If you now click on any PDF file it will automatically be opened in Acrobat reader.