Research in Corrosion and Its Control in Oil/Gas and Pipeline Systems




Y. Frank Cheng, PhD, PEng

Professor, Canada Research Chair in Pipeline Engineering


Recipient of 2014 NACE International Herbert Uhlig Award

Country (Canada) Project Leader, NACE International IMPACT Study

Chair, NACE International Task Group 521

Treasurer and Board Director, NACE Foundation of Canada

Guest Editor, Special Issue on Pipeline Corrosion, Corros Eng Sci Technol


Dept. Mechanical Engineering, Schulich School of Engineering

University of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 1N4

Tel: +1(403)220-3693; E-mail:


Dr. Cheng’s book, “Stress Corrosion Cracking of Pipelines”, has been published by John Wiley Publishing, U.S. It is the first book in this area in the world.

Corrosion and Its Control in Oil/Gas and Pipeline Systems

The overall goal of Dr. Cheng’s research is to advance the mechanistic understanding of metallic corrosion in oil/gas and pipeline systems, and to develop effective techniques for modeling, assessment, prevention and prediction of facility failure.

Dr. Cheng’s research interests include:

  • Part I–Downhole and upstream pipelines: (1) modeling of corrosion of downhole tubulars; (2) fundamentals and modeling of internal corrosion of pipelines in multi-phased fluid flow; (3) under-deposit pitting corrosion of pipelines in CO2 environments; (4) microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC); (5) high-performance inhibitors for anticorrosion and anti-biodegradation; (6) HDPE liner and composite pipe technology; (7) superhydrophobic and oleophobic nanocoatings for prevention of wax/paraffin deposit; (8) Corrosion in carbon storage.
  • Part II–Transmission pipelines: (1) coating failure and cathodic protection (CP) shielding; (2) AC corrosion and CP interference; (3) smart coating technology; (4) internal corrosion of dilbit pipelines; (5) stress corrosion cracking; (6) steel metallurgy and nano-electrochemistry; (7) defect assessment by ILI data analysis, failure pressure prediction and fitness-for-service determination.

Initiatives ongoing

Dr. Cheng is appointed as the Country (Canada) Project Leader for NACE International IMPACT Study, where IMPACT refers to International Measures of Prevention, Application and Economics of Corrosion Technologies, which is a global program initiated by NACE in 2013.

Dr. Cheng is leading development of the Pan-Canadian Strategic Research Network on Corrosion Control and Materials Innovation in Oil/Gas Systems. The Network will contain 12 academic members from 9 Canadian universities.

Dr. Cheng is serving as Treasurer and Board Director of NACE Foundation of Canada.

Dr. Cheng is serving as the Guest Editor of the Special Issue on Pipeline Corrosion for the journal Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology.

Dr. Cheng is chairing the NACE International Task Group (TG) 521 to develop a standard for testing of the compatibility of pipeline coatings with cathodic protection.

Dr. Cheng is co-authoring with Mr. Richard Norsworthy the book “Pipeline Coatings”, which will be published by NACE International Publishing.




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