Dr. Andrea K.L. Freeman


Geoarchaeology involves the integration of both method and theory from archaeology and the earth or geological sciences.  I am a geoarchaeologist interested primarily in the processes that shaped the North American continent while it was occupied by hunter-gatherers.  As an earth system scientist, I am primarily involved in research that involves landscape evolution in glaciated, arid, and fluvial systems.  From a geographic perspective, I have worked primarily in the American Southwest and the northern Plains.

I teach a variety of courses at the University of Calgary, primarily in the Department of Archaeology, but also in the Department of Geography and the Earth Science Program.  My joint appointment allows me to supervise graduate students in three Departments.

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Associate Professor,

Departments of Archaeology,

Geography, & Geoscience

Office:  Earth Sciences 842

Phone:  403-220-2792

FAX: 403-282-9567

email:  freeman@ucalgary.ca

Mailing address:

Department of Archaeology

University of Calgary

Calgary, AB T2N 1N4