Guillermo Castilla


Guillermo  is a Spanish Forest Engineer (MSc from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, 1990) who specialized in Remote Sensing (PhD from UPM, 2003) thanks to a fellowship in the European Space Agency (ESA, 1999-2000). He joined the UofC Department of Geography in May 2006 as a Posdoctoral Fellow working at the Foothills Facility for Remote Sensing and GIScience. In September 2008 he became a Research Associate of the same Department, where he is mainly engaged in the development of the remote sensing component of the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Program. He became an Adjunct Professor of the Department in July 2010.


Research Associate
Department of Geography
University of Calgary
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4


Lab: (403) 210-8761


In his PhD thesis, Guillermo proposed a conceptual basis for the object based approach to the analysis of remote sensing images. Since then, Guillermo works in the development of theories and tools to automate the production of geographic information from remote sensing imagery.