Principal Investigator

Heather Jamniczky

A zoologist by training, Heather has a diverse background in evolutionary developmental biology and palaeontology of vertebrates. She is interested in the interplay between development, form, function and evolution. Heather is also an award-winning lead anatomy instructor in the Cumming School of Medicine, and teaches interactive and integrative anatomy courses in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program, Undergraduate Medical Education, and Graduate Science Education.

Heather is on Google Scholar here.

Graduate Students


Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson is a PhD student in the Department of Community Health Sciences specializing in medical education at the University of Calgary, co-supervised by Dr Kent Hecker. She completed her BSc in Biological Sciences and MSc in Experimental Surgery at the University of Alberta.  After finishing her master’s degree, she was recruited by the UofA to teach first and second year medical students in the human gross anatomy lab.  Currently, she is the teaching assistant for MDSC 521: Human Anatomy at the UofC.  Sarah’s first-hand experience learning and teaching gross anatomy enable her to address a common challenge among students: how to comprehend the spatial relationships of anatomical structures and apply these understandings to clinical problems.  These experiences triggered her current research questions relating to spatial perception and her interest to advance evidence-based teaching methodologies.  Sarah’s doctoral research explores the neural correlates associated with perception and learning in two and three dimensional contexts using gross anatomy as a case study.  She will use electroencephalography (EEG) to measure specific components of event-related brain potentials (ERP) that relate to processing information and acquisition of perceptual expertise.  This work will be a foundational step in understanding the neural mechanisms associated with applied 2D and 3D learning.   Sarah’s goal is to ensure her findings inform the development of new forms of teaching, learning, and evaluation. Sarah is co-supervised by Dr. Kent Hecker.


Tegan Barry

Tegan is a PhD student working on armour phenotypes and ecological correlates in threespine stickleback from Pender Harbour and Bamfield, BC. Tegan is co-supervised by Dr. Sean Rogers.


Kevin Duclos

Kevin is a PhD student studying epigenetic mechanisms of evolution in dace. Kevin works closely with Dr. Bernard Angers of the University of Montreal.

Jolene McLeod

Jolene is a PhD student examining representations of human skeletal material in Roman funerary art. Jolene is co-supervised by Dr. Lisa Hughes.


Alex Pistore

Alex is an MD/MSc student studying developmental trajectories of threespine stickleback from Pender Harbour and Bamfield, BC.

Undergraduate Students





Amie Le, Undergraduate Researcher 2015-2016

Chelsey Zurowski, MSc 2016

Dennis Kim, Undergraduate Researcher 2015

Katy Petrovich, Undergraduate Researcher 2014

Ruchika Sharma, Undergraduate Researcher 2013

Stephen Campeau, Undergraduate Researcher 2013

Romain Chaput, Undergraduate Researcher 2013

Jase Skelton, Undergraduate Researcher 2012

Current Collaborators

Tim Higham

Lisa Hughes

Benedikt Hallgrimsson

Kent Hecker

Anthony Russell

Olav Krigolson

Sean Rogers

Heidi Schutz

Jessica Theodor