My primary teaching focus is in inquiry-based learning in anatomy. I teach in Undergraduate Medical Education, the Bachelor of Health Sciences program, and Graduate Science Education.

Undergraduate Medical Education and Bachelor of Health Sciences

How does the human body work? Part of the key to teaching anatomy is to tell a good story, and my approach is to encourage students to learn by looking for answers to functional questions, using a variety of approaches from ultrasound imaging to case studies.

Neural Correlates of Spatial Learning

What is the difference between 2D and 3D learning? With collaborators Kent Hecker and Olav Krigolson, we are working to establish a research program that examines brain activity in association with different types of image processing. This work bridges the gap between teaching and research, as we seek to quantify neural correlates of spatial learning.

Inquiry Based Learning

How do learners really learn? In all of my teaching, I strive to engage students and encourage them to take ownership of their education. A useful means to this end is the incorporation of inquiry approaches in teaching. Despite the inherent difficulties of large undergraduate classrooms, I have achieved considerable success using inquiry-based learning in such situations. Contact me for more information about techniques and strategies for success.