Hunter-Gatherer Bibliography

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The above image is a reconstructed view (painting by Hugh Gibbens) of the Late Dorset (ca. 1500-1000/500 B.P.) Tasiarulik Site on eastern Little Cornwallis Island N.W.T.

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The image to the left is of a small ivory 'maskette'recovered, by the author, from an Early Pre-Dorset (ca. 3800-4000 B.P.) site (QkHn-13) - located on northeastern Devon Island in the Canadian High Arctic (see Helmer 1986)

Please Note: The following bibliography is an up-dated version of the references that have been compiled by participants in two graduate seminar courses Ihat I have offered at the University of Calgary in alternating years since 1985 - ARKY 625 Hunter-Gatherer Adaptations and ARKY 701 Problems in Circumpolar Prehistory/Ethnography. This up-dated list includes selected references generously provided to me by Hugh Jarvis ( The current work is not intended to be a comprehensive bibliography but simply a working document reflecting the interests of the people who have participated in the above mentioned seminars over the years. I will continue to up-date this document on an on-going, though irregular, basis.

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