Information Visualization and HCI Skills
Visualization and User Interface Design

I use different approaches for developing interactive information visualization systems which vary from sketching and storyboarding to coding interactive data sketches and custom visualization designs, enriched with many exploratory data analytics features for better understanding of the data. I most often use design study methodology, iterative design, and user-centered design in creating systems dedicated to domain experts.

Qualitative Studies, Open Coding, Affinity Diagrams, Grounded Theory, Semi-structured Interview, Contextual Inquiry

In evaluating my visualization projects I have done different kinds of qualitative studies (semi-structured interviews and focus groups, contextual inquiry, etc.) in order to evaluate how people use and understand the data using visualization tools. I also have experience in grounded theory, affinity diagrams and open coding for analyzing qualitative data.

Design of Empirical studies

As my background is in infomation visualization and human computer interaction, I am familiar with the ethics, design, and analysis of various experiments involving human subjects.

Programming Skills
  • JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, D3, HTML
  • C#, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Java, Processing, C++, Python
  • Haskell, Prolog
Selected Design Sketches
For more about my skills / experience, ask me for a detailed resume.