Feature Professor:  Dr. Paul Chastko

International Relations Director

Instructor, University of Calgary
PhD, Ohio University

Office: SS 637
Phone: 220-2510

Personal Review
A funny, amicable, and light-hearted individual, Dr. Chastko is a positive and enthusiastic Program Director. He has demonstrated full support for further development and progress of the International Relations Program and has provided innovative ideas for its success. We are lucky to have such a positive person as our Director.

Research Interests
Dr. Chastko focuses his research on 20th century U.S. diplomatic and political history with a particular emphasis on the petroleum industry and energy policy.

Current Research Projects
Dr. Chastko’s research continues to focus on the development of the North American petroleum industry generally, and the oil sands in particular.  He has been working on a book-length project on the National Energy Program and the corporate strategy of a major North American multinational firm.

Developing Alberta's Oil Sands, From Karl Clark to Kyoto.  University of Calgary Press, 2004.

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