Waterfall Ice

This material is inspired by "Waterfall Ice, Climbs in the Canadian Rockies " The NEW (2002) edition is now available ! 800 routes  ! 

It contains a few extracts from the guidebook by Joe Josephson (Rocky Mountain Books, 4th Edition, 1994) and input from local climbers.

Thanks to the Joe (3rd and 4th ed) and Albi (2nd ed.) for the print guidebooks that got me into this crazy game ! 

It is intended to be a pictoral / basic guide to classic waterfall ice climbs in the Canadian Rockies, with links to important resources. For more complete information, the guidebook is a must ! Access to the database is via a series of maps that show the general geography and location of the "CLASSIC ROUTES". In order to access the information in the database, click on the general area within the map to move into that region...


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