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The Japanese Conversation and Culture club (JCC) brings together native Japanese speakers and students of Japanese for weekly language practice in Japanese and English and periodic social events. As a language exchange, each participant should be willing to speak in the language they are learning and help another participant by speaking in their native language.

The club has been in existence off and on for a number of years, sometimes sanctioned by the Students' Union, sometimes not. The current JCC has existed since October 2008 and was sanctioned by the University of Calgary Students' Union in April 2010.

Membership is $2 for May-August, $4 for September-April.


What to Expect from Weekly Meetings

Often half of the meeting is for group and/or pair language exchange where you speak half the time in your native language and half the time in the language you are learning.

The other half of our meetings may be used for games and lessons on various language topics such as expressions or kanji. We ask that participants try to help teach these short lessons.

Some meetings may be a party for a special Canadian or Japanese holiday.



We hold a variety of events throught the year. Some past events are BBQ, karaoke, bowling, trips to Japanese restaurants, and rafting on the Bow River. Check out our photos page to see some of what we have done.