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This section is for all those questions that we tend to get asked a lot.

Do I have to be Japanese in order to join?

No. This club is intended for those who speak Japanese or are learning Japanese.

Do I need to be able to speak Japanese?

No. We have had members in the past who did not speak any Japanese, who had a strong desire to learn the language. They came to meetings and every week learned a new word or phrase and could eventually hold small conversations.

Does the club teach Japanese?

We have English and Japanese lessons where we teach phrases, special words or other little facts, but it is by no means a substitue for a Japanese class.

Will there be native Japanese speakers there?

Yes. There are native Japanese speakers who are studying English at the University of Calgary or other ESL schools or who have moved from Japan to Calgary. As the club is a language exchange, it is a chance for them to learn English and a chance for you to teach it to them.

Can I come late or leave early?

Yes. Many of our members have class at/till 5PM. The 2 hour window allows them to still benefit from the meetings.

I can't make the meetings, does JCC do any other events?

Yes. Part of our club is to show the Japanese students our culture and to partake in theirs. As such we play hockey, have karaoke nights, go rafting, have nabe or sukiyaki parties, etc.. As a JCC member you are more than welcome to join any of these events even if you do not attend meetings.