Peregrine Observations 2003

Peregrine Observations


by Elli Jilek, Jean Moore and Eric Tull




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The first definite sighting of the birds on campus was on April 18. On May 6, there were two eggs in the nest. On June 2 the nest was found to have four eggs, all of which were fertile. On June 17, there were four young in the nest that were estimated to be 5-7 days old. The first young fledged on July 21, the other three on July 23. The young gradually left during the second half of August. The adults remained through much of September, with the male last being sighted on October 2.


1996 Observations

The first confirmed sighting in 1996 was made on April 10, when an adult female Peregrine Falcon was seen. The first observation of two Peregrines was on April 25. The birds are nesting on the ledge on Craigie Hall where they nested last year. Four eggs were laid; all were fertile and hatched on June 19-20. The four young all proved to be males. They all fledged between July 30 and August 1. As of August 29, three young and two adults are roosting on campus and spending considerable time here during the day. The last sighting of Peregrines (2 adults) on campus was on September 20.

1995 Observations

Two Peregrine Falcons were first seen on the University of Calgary campus at the end of April, 1995. They chose a ledge on Craigie Hall as their nest site, and laid two eggs. The first egg was laid on May 17th and the second egg was laid on May 24. The eggs proved to be infertile.

 Two foster young that had been hatched at the captive-breeding facility at Wainwright, Alberta were introduced into the nest on June 17. The first chick left the nest ledge on July 20 - the second on July 22.

 The second young Peregrine to leave the nest was found with a badly broken leg on July 29. She was taken to the Calgary Zoo, where surgery was performed to put a pin in the leg. After a long convalescence she was placed in the care of a local falconer, who has been training her to fly and to hunt. He is keeping her over the winter for possible release next spring. The other Peregrines have all left the campus.


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