2007 Rescue and subsequent check-up by Rich, our falconer

No broken bones, intact feathers - all's well

A short trip and rest period & by private box up to Craigie roof

2008 - Great horned owl mom and twins near their nest

Owl family was being checked on by Physical plant staff after crows and magpies harassed mom, who led the birds away from her brood. Security and I made several attempts to capture the mom while she was being chased, but she successfully lured her pursuers away.

Common house finches observed outside my kitchen window

We had 2 separate robins' nests in our yard this year, with only brood successfully hatched, and out of those 8 chicks, only 4 survived a bit longer.


Only one made it out of the nest. Crows/magpies most likely predators.
On a false-alarm call-out I found 4 merlin chicks instead of peregrines, but nice to see such a variety on campus.

The other merlin, with its 2 other siblings on near-by fir trees, and a parent close by.


Waiting for the banding procedure and trying to look ferocious.

Do we HAVE to do this weigh-in??

Okay, I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy the ride here!

I am NOT fat!! It's just baby fat.

Okay, who turned the room upside down?

This is sooooooooo undignified.

This bracelet is NOT what I ordered!

Okay, what number am I?

3 relieved and banded chicks, sitting in the Craigie ledge corner.

Various Campus Security Officers 'helping' with the banding, and enjoying the experience, no doubt, unlike their feathered 'friends'.