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Contact Information:

Email: johnsone@ucalgary.ca
Phone: 403-220-3570 (office)
            403-220-7635 (lab)

Mailing Address:
Department of Biological Sciences
  University of Calgary
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4


My research is primarily in the contact between the geosciences and ecology

In particular, my students, collaborators, and I have been interested in wildfires, avalanches, hillslope and fluvial geomorphic processes, climate, landuse, and other processes as they affect tree populations. We are particularly interested in the explicit coupling of the physical processes to ecological processes.

Research of this nature requires an interest and (some) background in ecology and the physical sciences (particularly geomorphology, weather/climate, biomechanics, heat transfer, mass transfer, combustion, fluid dynamics, and aerodynamics.

My graduate students and postdoctoral fellows have had backgrounds in ecology, mathematics, physics, and engineering. At any one time, I usually have several people in my lab with diverse backgrounds and research projects.

I am always looking for graduate students with these interests and a willingness to learn new areas and answer important environmental questions using rigorous approaches.

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