ART 311.02 - Survey of New Media Art

We will discuss the basic ideas surrounding new media and related art forms. We will look at new media art as it has been practiced over the past decade, and look at the technology and tools of the subject now and for the next decade. Assignments are designed to reinforce the lecture material.

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Here is the course outline
Assignments can be found here.
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9 First 311 class Introduction
11 History
16 New Media Artists I
18 New Media Artists II
23 Computer/Digital Stuff
25 Representation
30 Web I


2 Web II
7 Digital Images
9 Images II
13 -- Thanksgiving Day ----
14 Sound
16 Animation I
21 Animation II
23 Games I
28 Games II
30 Games III


4 Exam Prep
11 Reading Days
13 Midterm results/answers
18 Game Lab
20 Virtual Worlds I
25 Virtual Worlds II, no slides. 27 Virtual Worlds Lab/ Show preparation


4 Evaluation of late term projects. Final class