Junwei Guo

Post-doctoral fellow in Civil Engineering, University of Calgary, CANADA

Email: junwei.guo@ucalgary.ca

My background

My resume can be found here.

My publications

Guo, J., Zhou, Q., & Wong, R. C. K. (2022). Evolution of Rayleigh-Taylor instability at the interface between a granular suspension and a clear fluid. Physics of Fluids, 34(7), 073304.

Guo, J., Zhou, Q., & Wong, R. C. K. (2022). Numerical investigation of particle cloud sedimentation in power-law shear-thinning fluids for moderate Reynolds number. Chemical Engineering Science, 247, 117066.

Guo, J., Zhou, Q., & Wong, R. C. K. (2021). Effects of volume fraction and particle shape on the rheological properties of oblate spheroid suspensions. Physics of Fluids, 33(8), 081703.

Hong, C. Y., Zhang, Y. F., Guo, J. W., & Li, G. Y. (2016). Experimental Study on the Influence of Drillhole Roughness on the Pullout Resistance of Model Soil Nails. International Journal of Geomechanics, 16(2), 04015047.

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