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Life gets pretty busy balancing an academic career and two kids. But I do get out from time to time and have fun. One observation that I've made during these rare social moments is that there is a surprisingly large contingent of the population that finds the preservation of nature an interesting endeavor but perhaps not a *necessary* one. This observation has led me to explore the idea of conservation from a more pragmatic perspective. How much biodiversity CAN we lose and still experience a high quality of life?

I've published my musings as an Op-Ed
Edmonton Journal

And I've tried to get my kids involved as well, writing a silly blog that documents my attempts to incorporate more diverse ingredients into my own diet. One of the reasons why biodiversity loss affects our quality of life is through lowered nutrition. My kids get a kick of my foibles in the kitchen and, as always, I'm here to entertain. You can read the blog here if you like but keep in mind that it offers more in terms of a window into the zany parenting styles of academics than any sort of scholarly work.

My kids love video games. While I was originally concerned about this obsession, my literature search on the topic convinced me that games are a great source of investigative learning. If this is true, then we should be able to integrate concepts of ecosystem function into a gaming environment. Though not a gamer myself, I've been working with game developers to make Diversibee, a game that has the player discovering the economic benefits of nature; try it here brodiaea