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Life gets pretty busy balancing an academic career and two kids. But I do get out from time to time and have fun. One observation that I've made during these rare social moments is that there is a surprisingly large contingent of the population that finds the preservation of nature an interesting endeavor but perhaps not a *necessary* one. This observation has led me to explore the idea of conservation from a more pragmatic perspective. How much biodiversity CAN we lose and still experience a high quality of life?

I've published my musings as an Op-Ed
Edmonton Journal

My kids love video games. While I was originally concerned about this obsession, my literature search on the topic convinced me that games are a great source of investigative learning. If this is true, then we should be able to integrate concepts of ecosystem function into a gaming environment. Though not a gamer myself, I've been working with game developers to make Diversibee, a game that has the player discovering the economic benefits of nature; try it here brodiaea