Scott Chamberlain - PDF (starting July '12; coadvised with E. Elle, SFU) - landscape effects on pollinator diversity

Ezgi Ogutzen - PhD - pollination within communities and the evolution of specialization

Yan Liu - PhD - genomics and evolution of UV reflectance in flowers

Soraya Villalobos - PhD - ecophylogenetics of plant-pollinator interactions in natural and agricultural systems


Sarah Minions UGRA - pollen limitation in plant communities
Juliana Abbatia Science Without Borders UGRA - range limits and plant-pollinator interactions
Jolan Thériault UGRA - polinators along elevation gradients
Brooklyn Hamper UGRA - floral traits and phylogenetics of Mimulus

Past Lab Members:

Jennifer Muir - MSc'13. - the effects of Scotch Broom invasion on the pollination success of native species
Jamie McEwen - MSc'12 - evolutionary genomics of polyploidy (co-supervised with Sean Rogers)
Carolyn Reinholz UGRA - pollen limitation in plant communities
Mariah Milne UGRA - floral traits and phylogenetics in Plantaginaceae
Yvonne Davila - PDF '11- plant-pollinator networks and pollen limitation
Lorraine Adderley - MSc. '12- pollinator heterogeneity and variation in selfing
Sarah Oberholtzer- Honours '12- phylogenetic diversity of plants and pollinators
Jeremie Lauth - Independent project '08 - extinction and speciation rates of dioecious lineages
Cathy Hepp - UGRA '08 - evolutionary ecology of invasive species
Elissa Schuett - Honours '09 - dynamics of heterospecific pollen transfer
Jamie McEwen- Honours '09 - Floral colour distirbutions within communities
Julia Smith - UGRA'10 - Plant pollinator networks within Garry Oak communities
Ryan Groves - UGRA'10 -Pollinator diversity along altitudinal gradients
Andrew Marcil - Independent project '10 - correlated evolution of leaf traits
Jason Rae - Honours '11 - selective advantages of UV reflectance
Arpen Mahal - Independent project '11 - diversity of pollinators influences seed set
Kelsey Holoweckyj - Independent project '11 - distribution of secondary metabolites in plant communities