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Caroline Jasper - MSc - Evolutionary ecology and conservation of Yukon Draba

Samantha Clifford - MSc - The role of soil nutrients in the distribution of Canada's endangered plant species

Cristopher Albor Pinto - PhD - Polyploidy and plant-pollinator interactions

Somayeh Naghiloo - Postdoctoral Fellow - The role of polyploidizaton in causing patterns of rarity
Renee Bai - Undergraduate Researcher - Seed size and restoration of Alberta's rare native plants.

Past Lab Members
Visiting Scholars and Post-docs:
Yan-Bing Gong - Visiting Scientist '16- nectar microbiome influences plant-pollinator interactions
Scott Chamberlain - PDF '14 - phylogenetic and functional diversity in plant-pollinator networks
Yvonne Davila - PDF '11- plant-pollinator networks and pollen limitation

Ezgi Ogutzen - PhD '16 - The influences of dispersal and vicariance on the evolution of pollination specialization
Yan Liu - PhD '17 - Genetics and evolution of UV reflectance in flowers
Soraya Villalobos - PhD '18- Plant-pollinator specialization in Canadian communities

Jamie McEwen - MSc'12 - evolutionary genomics of polyploidy (co-supervised with Sean Rogers)
Lorraine Adderley - MSc. '12- Pollinator heterogeneity and variation in selfing
Jennifer Muir - MSc'13. - The effects of Scotch Broom invasion on the pollination success of native species
Lisa Cahoon- MSc '17 - Role of ploidy and native vegetation in Flowering Rush invasions
Cole Burns - MSc '18 - Effects of pollen limitation on fruit production of Rubus arcticus
Doug Curley - MSc (co-supervised) '18 - Evolutionary ecology of dietary specialization
Cassiano Porto - MSc (co-supervised) '19 - Using herbarium specimens to measure phenological changes in Alberta

Moin Tinwala - Honours '17 - Genetic correlations between floral traits in Mimulus guttatus
Taylor Butt UGRA '17- Independent project - Georeferencing aquatic plant species
Caylie Boos - Honours '16 - Range size in bee- and hummingbird pollinated species
Vy Mai - Honours '16 - The influence of invasion on pollinator visitation to native species of Garry Oak meadows of BC
Maegan Lacuata - Honours '16 - MinION Nanopore sequencing of the genome of Mimulus guttatus
Ben Cheung - Honours '16- Host specialization on coastal algae of BC
Omar Abdullah UGRA '15- Independent project - Latitudinal gradients in pollinator specialization
Dan King NSERC USRA '15 - landscape ecology and specialization
Safaa Al-Khaz'Aly - UGRA '15 - genomics of MImulus guttatus
Ramandeep Parmar UGRA '15 - gene flow in Mimulus guttatus
Dylan Cole UGRA '14- polinator specialization in networks
Jolan Theriault UGRA '14 - speciation, geography, and pollinator switching
Brooklyn Hamper UGRA'13 - floral traits and phylogenetics of Mimulus
Juliana Abbatia Science Without Borders UGRA' - range limits and plant-pollinator interactions
Sarah Minions UGRA'13 - pollen limitation in plant communities
Carolyn Reinholz UGRA - pollen limitation in plant communities
Mariah Milne UGRA - floral traits and phylogenetics in Plantaginaceae
Sarah Oberholtzer- Honours '12- phylogenetic diversity of plants and pollinators
Jeremie Lauth - Independent project '08 - extinction and speciation rates of dioecious lineages
Cathy Hepp - UGRA '08 - evolutionary ecology of invasive species
Elissa Schuett - Honours '09 - dynamics of heterospecific pollen transfer
Jamie McEwen- Honours '09 - Floral colour distirbutions within communities
Julia Smith - UGRA'10 - Plant pollinator networks within Garry Oak communities
Ryan Groves - UGRA'10 -Pollinator diversity along altitudinal gradients
Andrew Marcil - Independent project '10 - correlated evolution of leaf traits
Jason Rae - Honours '11 - selective advantages of UV reflectance
Arpen Mahal - Independent project '11 - diversity of pollinators influences seed set
Kelsey Holoweckyj - Independent project '11 - distribution of secondary metabolites in plant communities