RF Integrated Circuit Design for Wireless Telecommunication Systems

I am currently an adjunct professor associated with the TR Labs Wireless Research Centre located in the University Research Park adjacent to the University of Calgary campus. I have research interests in Bipolar, CMOS and Gallium Arsenide integrated circuit design in the GHz range, for a variety of applications in wireless communications systems, particularily in PCS devices.
Our initial research in this area has focussed on the design of integrated circuits that simulate inductive impedances, and which have broadband low loss characteristics such as effective inductance and loss resistance that are independently electronically tunable, for applications in VCO, mixer, and filter circuits at frequencies up to 10 GHz. Additional work is being done to design stable high frequency Negative Immittance Converters which can be used to compensate active and passive circuit components for unwanted parasitic capacitance and loss resistance.

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