My Ph.D. thesis involved a study of noise mechanisms in semiconductor devices, with emphasis on MOS devices. I spent most of the 1970's and part of the 1980's working in that area. We modelled and measured noise behaviour of transistors and CCD's over temperature and operating conditions, using sophisticated noise measuring gear that is still in place in our labs today. We have watched with interest recent discussions about noise mechanisms in semiconductor devices, such discussions have gone on for a few decades! and many possible mechanisms have been postulated.

Our interst in this area has been renewed recently in relation to our RF integrated circuit research in the telecommunications area. We have developed an interactive noise simulator using MatLab that allows a circuit designer to examine the effects of multiple noise mechanisms in GaAs, one at a time or in combination, in order to understand the important noise mechanisms in individual devices. The work will also result in a circuit noise simulator at GHz frequencies.

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