Analog CMOS and BICMOS Design

My research group has been designing analog and digital integrated circuits for a variety of applications for the past 3 decades, with the assistance of CMC Microsystems, located in Kingston, Ontario (CMC provides subsidized fabrication), and with funding provided from a number of different sources, including NSERC, private industry, TRLabs, the National Research Council and the provincial government. We specialise in analog IC design, primarily in CMOS, and fabricate circuits through a variety of foundries around the world.

In the 1980s, we designed high temperature circuits for downhole instrumentation in the oil industry. We also designed circuits for satellite instrumentation. More recently, we have been designing circuits for wired and wireless voice and data communication systems, medical applications, and currently for radio astronomy. Our main research currently involves the design of ultra-low-noise (Noise Figures less than 0.25dB), high gain (>70dB) GHz-bandwidth analog signal chains and high-speed (>10GS/s) single-channel (i.e. not interleaved) low power ADCs for the world's next-generation radio telescope, the Square Kilometer Array (SKA). We are also designing a new family of time-based circuits for Analog-to-Digital conversion and for SerDes applications.