Oilfield and Other Instrumentation

I work closely with Dr. F. N. Trofimenkoff of this department on topics related to downhole oil and gas well instrumentation. This research started in 1974, when we designed an electronic replacement for conventional mechanical temperature and pressure recorders for drill-stem testing. During the past two decades, we have designed a variety of circuits for doing precision temperature and pressure measurements at temperatures up to 200 Degrees Celsius. A number of technology licencing and royalty agreements have been signed with instrument manufacturers and oilfield service firms to transfer the resuklts of the research to industry.

In recent years, we have worked toward the development of fully monolithic high performance data acquisition systems for use in remote sensing applications at low and high temperatures.

We have also worked on electrical methods for hydrocarbon exploration, including induced polarization surveys, apparent resistivity surveys, self potential surveys, VLF surveys, and others.

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