Model of a BOEING 737 Chasis Being Shipped From

Wichita, Kansas to Seattle, Washington

Designed and built by:

Brian A. Keay

During August of 1997, photos were taken in Helena, Montana of the "Boeing Train". Near the end of the train, quite a few flatcars were loaded with various cockpits and tail sections. At the end of the train a full Boeing 737 chasis was being shipped from Wichita Kansas, to the Boeing plant outside Seattle Washington along with the tail car. A close up of the icebreaker on the flatcar containing the 737 chasis can be seen here. The model took approximately one year to build and is comprised of three parts:

  1. BNSF 800101 flatcar
  2. Boeing 737 chasis
  3. TTMX 80139 Tail car

All three models required significant modifications, painting and decaling. All the dimensions of the flatcar superstructures and plane were estimated from the three photos taken in Helena. Details are given below.

  1. BNSF 800101 Flatcar


2) BOEING 737

3) TTMX 80139 Tail car