Wolverine Lynx Railroad


Calgary, Alberta, Canada



During the summer of 2007, I removed the entire Lazo Cerrado peninsula so that I could install more staging tracks. This required lowering the bench work for this section below the existing bench work (see 1st four photos) so that I could put in a reverse loop without having to worry about missing or moving existing risers or electrical cables. The track from Lynx City East yard thus had to drop ~13 inches to reach the new bench work. I did this via a 2 track ovlix (ovlix = oval + helix) with 2.5 turns. By incorporating an oval with the helix, it enabled me to keep the grade at about 2%, with each turn of the ovlix rising the track about 5". At bench top level, I installed a 10 track staging yard, with two additional tracks for continual run thru trains. There is a 6 track stub end staging yard off the second level of the ovlix (not shown in these photos) and an optional reverse loop off the top level of the ovlix (not shown in these photos). The sections of benchwork for the reverse loop was assembled and the track laid in the meeting area of my basement and then moved to end of the isle for installation under the existing bench work. The last photo shows part of this benchwork being assembled in the meeting area. The town of Lazo Cerrado now resides on top of the ovlix. Photos to follow.



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