Freezing of Cells

Investigations into Cryoinjury

In this chapter, we will review some of the classic papers in the field of cryobiology to gain some insight into the current theories of cryoinjury, the experimental basis for those ideas, and the concepts that have been used to develop our modern (but far from complete) understanding of the various phenomena associated with cryobiology. The student should not take these brief notes as a substitute for critically reading each of these papers, nor should she consider this list as giving a complete survey of the field. Some of these papers have been chosen merely to expose students from a particular background to a way of thinking, or a literature, that they might otherwise have not experienced. Others are classics in the field by all accounts. This list is a starting point. There are many excellent papers that express fundamental ideas that are not included. Perhaps with time the list will grow more complete.

Hypotheses of the Mechanisms of Injury During Freezing and Thawing

Investigations into the Mechanism of Intracellular Freezing Injury

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