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Kutz Research group in the news:

Apr 10/2020 Will the next great pandemic come from the permafrost?

Apr 2/2020 Northern mountain caribou get a health check up!

March 16/2020 Muskoxen declines: Interview with Dr. Kutz

Feb 8/2020 Cyst-like abnormalities in moose, collaboration between U of C and Indigenous hunters

Feb 5/2020 Kutz Research group hosts workshop for northern Indigenous hunters

Nov 20/2019 Scientists warn of Arctic microbial threats induced by climate change

Monitoring Stress and Health in Muskoxen

Sep 25/2019 Dr. Susan Kutz inducted into the prestigious Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

May 23/2019 Dr. Stephanie Peacock receives Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship

Jan 1/2019 The Circle: What happens after 1.5° C?

Feb 21/2019 Climate change effects on Muskoxen

Dec 5/2016 Eye on the Arctic Video Series Part 1: Is climate change making the muskoxen sick on Victoria Island?

Dec 19/2016 Eye or the Arctic Video Series Part 2: Working with indigenous knowledge