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Here are some of the protocols and forms and materials that we’ve developed or modified for use in caribou and muskoxen research and teaching. Feel free to use these as needed and with appropriate credit.

Teaching Materials

Bringing Science into the Classroom - Teaching Materials


Guidelines for the examination of muskox jaws

Muskox jaw aging chart

Morphological diagnosis of protostrongylids infecting muskoxen and caribou in the Canadian Arctic


Sample kit form for caribou

Sample kit form for muskox

Muskox jaw examination form

Caribou monitoring films

A short set of movies showing important steps for caribou monitoring as well as relevant diseases. The videos were shot in the Sathu Settlement Region in 2009 as part of the CircumArctic Rangifer Monitoring and Assessment Network Initiative (CARMA)

Part 1: Basic Monitoring

Part 2: Advanced Monitoring

Part 3: Common Diseases

Part 4: Ask the Kids

Video: Preparing hunter based sampling kits

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