2008  Atkinson, M. and K. Young, Deviance and Social Control in Sport.  Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

The world of sport offers a deep and often overlooked source for the study of ‘social deviance’. Deviance and Social Control in Sport challenges preconceived understandings regarding the relationship between deviance and sport and offers a conceptual framework for future work in a variety of sociological subfields. Using extended case studies, the book explains how forms of ‘wanted’ and ‘unwanted’ rule violation are produced and mediated in sport. Specifically, the book explores: (i) how deviance in sport is culturally constructed and ideologically framed in dynamic interactive contexts; (ii) the paths certain athletes follow in becoming ‘deviant’ and how they learn to associate those behaviours with their core identities; (iii) the social responses to deviant sporting behaviours, including the role of the media in disseminating images and messages about the conduct in question.



Table of Contents



Part I: Deviant Sport Conventions

1.  The Normal and the Pathological in Sport

2. Sport, Deviancy Theory and Sociological Theory


Part II: Deviant Sport Communities

3. Youth Tribes in Sport

4. Animal Violence in Sport


Part III: Deviant Athletic Bodies

5. Body Pathologies in Sport

6. Illness Narratives and Sport


Part IV: Mediating Sport Deviance

7. Criminal Violence in Sport

8. Terror and Security in Sport

9. Toward a Public Sociology of Sport Deviance