1999   White, P. and K. Young (Eds.), Sport and Gender in Canada. Don Mills, ON: Oxford University Press.

First published in 1999 when no other such book was available in Canada, Sport and Gender in Canada’s main thesis is that gender is a central way of stratifying sport, which remains dominated by heterosexual males.  Although the numbers of girls and women participating in sport are greater than ever before, there are still areas that remain closed or chilly to females. This book explores less recognized facets of sport and gender, including aspects of sexuality, that expose how inequality is produced and maintained over time, and also looks at equality, power, meaning and change both between and within males and females. While some chapters indicate that the balance of power continues to privilege men’s involvement and marginalize women’s involvement, other chapters show that there is gender-related struggle, resistance and change in sport. Sport and Gender in Canada demonstrates that sport plays a critical role in both the reproduction and transformation of social processes and social structures.

Table of Contents


Part I: Historical and Conceptual Issues

1. Creators of the Lost and Perfect Game: Gender, History and Canadian Sport (M. Ann Hall)

2. The Public Importance of Men and the Importance of Public Men: Sport and Masculinities in 19th Century Canada (Kevin Wamsley)

3. Class and Gender: Intersections in Sport and Physical Activity (Peter Donnelly and Jean Harvey)

Part II: Contemporary Issues And Research

4. Is Sport Injury Gendered? (Philip White and Kevin Young)

5. Eating Disorders, Physical Activity and Sport: Biological, Psychological and Sociological Factors (Caroline Davis)

6. Who’s Fair Game? Sport, Sexual Harassment and Abuse (Peter Donnelly)

7. Aging, Gender and Physical Activity (Sandra O’Brien Cousins and Patricia Vertinsky)

8. Doing Race, Doing Gender: First Nations, ‘Sport’ and Gender Relations (Victoria Paraschak)

9. Women, Sport and Sexualities: Breaking the Silences (Helen Lenskyj)

10. Fear and Trembling: Homophobia in Men’s Sport (Brian Pronger)

11. Gender and Organizational Power in Canadian Sport (Jim McKay)

12. Social Marketing, Gender and the Science of Fitness: A Case-Study of ParticipACTION Campaigns (Margaret MacNeill)

13. ‘Cool Pose’ Incorporated: The Marketing of Black Masculinity in Canadian NBA Coverage (Brian Wilson)

14. Physical Activity in the Lives of Women with Disabilities (Jennifer Hoyle and Philip White)

15. Sport-Related Hazing: An Inquiry into Male and Female Involvement (Jamie Bryshun and Kevin Young)

16. The Last Game? Hockey and the Experience of Masculinity in Québec (Anouk Bélanger)