2012 Young, K. and M. Atkinson (Eds.), Qualitative Research on Sport and Physical Culture. Bingley, UK: Emerald.

With the mushrooming of academic programs in sociology and psychology of sport, physical activity and exercise science, kinesiology, and health, undergraduate and graduate courses on research methods have expanded and diversified greatly. Within this context of diversity, one of the primary pedagogical hurdles an instructor must negotiate is finding comprehensive and cutting-edge sources on critical/qualitative methodologies in a market that contains a relative dearth of accessible and down-to-earth options. This volume lays out both orthodox and innovative approaches to qualitative research methods, from classic modes of ethnography and interviewing, to cutting-edge techniques in narrative and visual analysis. Each chapter revolves around one principal approach in qualitative research, and is written in an easy, first person style. Each contributor uses her/his own substantive research to work through the use of the specific approach explaining, for instance, why certain methodological choices were made, what problems were faced, and how these were overcome.



Table of Contents


INTRODUCTION: The Practice of Qualitative Research and Thinking Qualitatively (Kevin Young and Michael Atkinson)

1. Historical Methods and Traces of the Past: Embracing the Complexities and Engaging in Reflexivity (Carly Adams)

2. The Empirical Strikes Back: Doing Realist Ethnography (Michael Atkinson)

3. The Ethnographic (I)nterview in the Sports Field: Towards a Postmodern Sensibility (Holly Thorpe)

4. Narrative Analysis in Sport and Physical Culture (Brett Smith and Andrew C. Sparkes)

5. Visual Methods in Physical Culture: Body Culture Exhibition (Emma Rich and Kerrie O’Connell)

6. Media Analysis in Physical Cultural Studies: From Production to Reception (Brad Millington and Brian Wilson)

7. Critical Feminist/Queer Methodologies: Deconstructing (Hetero)Normative Inscriptions (Caroline Fusco)

8. Embodied Research Methodologies and Seeking the Senses in Sport and Physical Culture: A Fleshing Out of Problems and Possibilities (Andrew C. Sparkes and Brett Smith)

9. Autoethnography: Situating Personal Sporting Narratives in Socio-Cultural Contexts (Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson)

10. Two (or More) Feet: Mixed Methods Research in Sport and Physical Culture (Kass Gibson)

11. Truth or Dare: Examining the Perils, Pains, and Pitfalls of Investigative Methodologies in the Sociology of Sport (John Sugden)