2004  Young, K. (Ed.), Sporting Bodies, Damaged Selves: Sociological Studies of Sports-Related Injury. Oxford, UK: Elsevier Press.

In contrast to other disciplines in the sport sciences, the sociological study of risk, pain and injury is relatively new. In the 1990s, however, sociologists started to show that pain and injury are not solely experienced in physical and medical terms, and an impressive corpus of research and knowledge began to emerge. Until the publication of this groundbreaking book, the breadth and depth of this research had not been brought together in any systematic way. This book was thus the first of its kind in a burgeoning sport-sociological field examining the causes, experiences and outcomes of risk, pain and injury in sport.



Table of Contents


Introduction: Sports-Related Pain and Injury: Sociological Notes (Kevin Young)

Part I: Pain Cultures

1. Sport and Risk Culture (Peter Donnelly)

2. The Politics of Sports Injury: Hierarchy, Power and the Pain Principle (Don Sabo)

3. Cultural, Structural and Status Dimensions of Pain and Injury Experiences in Sport (Howard Nixon)

4. Professional Athletes’ Injuries: From Existential to Organizational Analyses (Joseph Kotarba)

5. Weight Management as Sports Injury: Deconstructing Disciplinary Power in the Sport Ethic (David Johns)

Part II: Pain Zones 

6. English Professional Soccer Players and the Uncertainties of Injury (Martin Roderick)

7. Risk, Pain and Injury: “A Natural Thing in Rowing”? (Elizabeth Pike)

8. Why English Female University Athletes Play with Pain: Motivations and Rationalisations (Hannah Charlesworth and Kevin Young)

9. Normalising Risk in the Sport of Cycling (Edward Albert)

10. Scars on the Body: The Risk Management and Self-Care of Injured Female Handball Players in Denmark (Lone Thing)

11. Risk and Injury: A Comparison of Football and Rodeo Subcultures (James Frey, Fred Preston and Bo Bernhard)

12.  Pain and Injury in a Youth Recreational Basketball League (Rhonda Singer)

13. Welsh Rugby Union: Pain, Injury and Medical Treatment (David Howe)

Part III: Pain Parameters

14. Athletic Trainers: Between Care and Social Control (Stephan Walk)

15. Negotiating with Risk: Exploring the Role of the Sports Medicine Clinician (Parissa Safai)

16. Sport, Health and Public Policy (Ivan Waddington)

17. The Costs of Injury from Sport, Exercise and Physical Activity (Philip White)

18. The Role of Courts in Sports Injury (Kevin Young)