Kevin has supervised students on a variety of topics and is willing to supervise wherever he feels he can genuinely contribute to the learning process.  


Examples of supervision are:


2015 - Ph.D. (Nazario Robles), Japanese Comics as Counter-Culture, Sociology, University of Calgary (co-supervisor)

2012 - M.A. (Brittany Gerber), Horses, Entertainment and Sport: Animal Rights at the Calgary Stampede, Sociology, University of Calgary

2012 - M.A. (Krista McEwen), The Embodied Work of Professional Dancers: Understandings of Pain, Injury and Health, Sociology, University of Calgary

2011 - M.A. (Don McKeown), More Than Just A Game? A Subcultural Journey Through the ‘Sport’ of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Sociology, University of Calgary

2009 - Ph.D. (Steven Dumas), Reading the Play: Interpreting Deviance in Canadian Ice Hockey, Sociology, University of Calgary

2006 - M.A. (Leslie Cove), Negotiating the Ring: Reconciling Gender in Women’s Boxing, Sociology, University of Calgary

2004 - Ph.D. (Hannah Charlesworth), Sports-Related Injury, Risk and Pain: The Experiences of English Female University Athletes, SSES, Loughborough University, UK

2003 - M.Sc. (Dwindally Rosado), Women’s Engagement in Physical Activities: Consequences of the Ideal Body Image, WICE, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

2001 - M.Sc. (Ewa Borodziuk), The Fitness Industry in Poland, WICE, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

2000 - M.Sc. (Leah Dunthorne), Media, Sport, Gender: A Case Study of Wimbledon 2000, SSES, Loughborough University, UK

2000 - M.Sc. (Carol King), Trial by Fire: A Study of Initiation Practices in English Sport, SSES, Loughborough University, UK

1997 - M.A. (Jamie Bryshun), Hazing in Sport: An Exploratory Study of Veteran/Rookie Relations, Sociology, University of Calgary 

1996 - M.A. (Lynne Malmquist), Worker Resistance in the Life Strategies of Women: A Study of Secretarial Labour, Skill, and Experience, Sociology, University of Calgary

1994 - M.A. (Laura Craig), Beyond White Pride: Meaning and Identity in the Canadian Skinhead Subculture, Sociology, University of Calgary