2002 Maguire, J. and K. Young (Eds.), Theory, Sport & Society. Oxford, UK: JAI Press.

Intended as a resource for researchers and students alike, Theory, Sport & Society is a collection of 16 chapters that span past, present and future approaches to a theorized sociology of sport. It includes chapters on the ‘founding’ theorists whose work remains pertinent to viewing sport sociologically, as well as chapters on more contemporary and interdisciplinary perspectives. A notable strength of the book is its Introduction detailing how to approach sport by ‘thinking with theory’.



Table of Contents

Introduction: ‘Back to the Future’: Thinking Sociologically about Sport

(Joseph Maguire and Kevin Young)

Part I: Classical Questions

1. Karl Marx’s Enduring Legacy for the Sociology of Sport (Rob Beamish)

2. Emile Durkheim, Structural Functionalism and the Sociology of Sport (John Loy and Doug Booth)

3. Max Weber and the Sociology of Sport (Hart Cantelon and Alan G. Ingham)

4. George Herbert Mead and an Interpretive Sociology of Sport (Peter Donnelly)

Part II: Contemporary Concerns

5. Sport, Gender, Feminism (Shona Thompson)

6. The Anthropology of Sport: Escaping the Past and Building a Future (Alan Klein)

7. Cultural and Sport Studies (Jeremy Howell, David Andrews and Steven Jackson)

8. Postmodernism and Sport Studies (Genevieve Rail)

Part III: Potential Syntheses

9. Figurational Contributions to the Sociological Study of Sport (Eric Dunning)

10.  Pierre Bourdieu’s Sociocultural Theory and Sport Practice (Suzanne Laberge and Joanne Kay)

11. Studying Sport from a Social Network Approach (Howard Nixon)

12. Michel Foucault: Sport, Power, Technologies and Governmentality (Jennifer Smith Maguire)

Part IV: Future Directions

13. Feminist and Figurational Sociology: Dialogue and Potential Synthesis (Louise Mansfield)

14. The Political Economy of Place: Urban and Sport Studies (Kimberly Schimmel)

15. Symbolic Interactionism and Cultural Studies: Doing Critical Ethnography (Becky Beal)

16. Bodies, Subcultures and Sport (Michael Atkinson and Brian Wilson)