Translated Work

2013 - Young, K. “What is Sport?”  (スポーツとは?) In C. Okada and K. Saito (Eds.), Sport and International Cooperation (スポーツと国際協力). Tokyo: Taishukan Publishing.

2012 - Maguire, J. and K. Young (Eds.), Theory, Sport & Society 理论诠释:体育与社会. Translated by Lu Xiaocong. Chongqing, China: Chongqing University Press (ISBN: 0-7623-0742-0).

2007 - Young, K., “Sociologie de la Douleur et des Blessures Sportives Corporelles” (“A Sociology of Pain and Injury in Sport”). Corps/Revue Interdisciplinaire (“Corps Sportifs”), No. 2, March: 13-17

2004 - Atkinson, M. and K. Young, “Παιχνίδια Τρόμου: Η αντιμετώπιση Θεμάτων Ασφάλειας από τα M.Μ.Ε. στους Χειμερινούς Ολυμπιακούς Αγώνες του 2002” (“Security and Terrorism at the Salt Lake Games: Media Images, Themes and Frames"). Contemporary Issues (Greek Social Science Journal: Special Issue on the 2004 Athens Olympic Games): 59-68.