Calgary Liberal Candidates

It takes a dedicated person to run as a Liberal in Calgary. This group of candidates will try and attempt to end the 36 year drought and get some red on the election map in the upcoming federal election, likely to be called this spring.


Julia Turnbull (Calgary South Centre)




phone: 244-4686


Dear fellow Liberal members,


I hear you!


Impossibly high tuitions. Crowded classrooms. Outrageous GPAs. Lack of job opportunities within Canada.


These are the very real concerns of post-secondary students in Canada today. I believe they have become barriers to pursuing education, and if elected, I will work to bring back the level playing field.


My drive to do something about your concerns not only comes from hearing you, but from my own personal story. I came from a working-class family. While neither of my parents finished high school, they shared my dream of achieving post-secondary education and getting ahead. At the time, perfect grade point averages weren’t required, I could pay for tuition if I worked a part time job and worked full time during the summers, my professors knew my name and there were plenty of jobs when I graduated.


I know if I was pursuing post-secondary school today – like my children are – that I would not have been able to go. I didn’t have the GPA that is expected today. There is big competition for few seats, and my parents couldn’t help me financially. Frankly, Canada would have lost a great lawyer! We need to do something to make sure those who want to go to school can, and I look forward to working on this issue as the Member of Parliament for Calgary South Centre.


To win, I need your help! Please vote for me and get involved. I promise you a great experience!




Julia Turnbull

Liberal Candidate

Calgary South Centre



Justin Thompson (Calgary West)




phone: 521-2244



More and more Calgarians are realizing the impact of not having an effective representative in Ottawa. With the right candidate and campaign we can elect a representative that will bring Calgary’s voice to Ottawa. Justin Thompson is that person, now the official federal liberal candidate for Calgary West.

It's time for a voice at the decision making table.

Calgary is one of the most important economic centres in Canada, yet we have had no voice at the federal decision making table for the last decade. Paul Martin, however, has made a sincere commitment to work with the West. The time has come for us to forge a new relationship with Ottawa. It’s also time to make the federal government more relevant to Calgarians. To do this, Calgary West needs a credible representative at the table who understands both Calgary and Canada, and who will work hard for Calgarians.



Jim Tanner (Calgary South East)



phone: 253-0370



Jim Tanner has a Ph. D. in Valuation of Resources from the U of C and has a BA and MA in Economics. Between his education, background in the oil patch, and extensive readings, Jim has many ideas for “Makin’ it Work” in Ottawa. Health Care, the Environment and Democratic Reform are some of his key issues. He believes strongly in public health care since it has been proven to be the most effective health care system, but he knows there are ways we can make it work better.



Cathy McCluskey (Calgary North Centre)



phone: 245-8746


Calgary Geologist Cathy McClusky announces her intention to seek the nomination for the Liberal Party of Canada in the new riding of Calgary North Centre in the upcoming federal election. Ms McClusky filed her nomination papers with the Federal Liberal offices in Edmonton and Calgary on December 19th. The Liberal Party held its founding meeting under the new boundaries on December 15th.

Ms. McClusky has worked in the oil patch in Calgary with Petro Canada and Canadian Hunter. She has also worked in the mining sector in Canada, Mexico, Africa and Mongolia. Cathy is currently a management consultant to the oil patch, telecom and health industries. She is fluent in English, French and Italian.

McClusky understands Calgarians want to be included within the governing party in Ottawa and feels that the riding of Calgary North Centre is capable of electing a Liberal Member of Parliament. She has spent the past several weeks polling people in the riding and feels she has the support of a significant number of people to encourage her to make a run to become your Member of Parliament.

Ms. McClusky received her B Sc at the University of Toronto and also holds an honours BA in History and an MBA from the University of Calgary. Cathy is a past president of the Liberal Party of Canada in Alberta (LPCA) and was the founding president of the Wildrose Riding for the LPCA.



Avalon Roberts (Calgary Southwest)



phone: 969-7844




Dale Muti (Calgary Northeast)



phone: 270-4060




James Maxim (Calgary East)



phone: 248-8590



James Maxim is the son of a family of immigrants to Canada from Hungary, and worked his way up from jobs that ranged from labour on a variety of farms and Canada Packers to being an owner and operator of several businesses involved in the energy sector and government consulting.


His education includes University of Calgary and Mount Royal College. For relaxation he likes to read, play golf, played hockey at the community level and ski. 


For political experience, James has worked at every level. This includes being a Federal Liberal Candidate in Calgary North in 1993 and Nosehill 1997 as well as being involved in Provincial politics as a Riding Association President in Calgary East, and convention delegate.



Ted Haney (Calgary Nose Hill)







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