The Club

The University of Calgary Swing Dance Club is a Student Union recognized club. We offer lessons and encourage organized practice times and social events, all at low cost, thus making swing dancing readily available to all members. The mission of this club is to promote the learning and enjoyment of swing dance culture in an open and social context. In other words, we equip you with the moves to throw down on the floor like it's 1939.

The People

Although our members are mostly university students, we welcome dancers of all ages and skill levels as long as you are prepared to have fun! Your executive is committed to a friendly and open environment where everyone feels welcome and we invite you all to come and talk to any of us anytime with your questions, concerns, suggestions and most especially to ask us for a dance! So that you'll recognize our lovely faces when you see them, your 2015-2016 executive are:

Arta Seify, Chairperson

Paige Grant, Co-Chairperson


Arta started swing dancing in Fall of 2013 with UofC Swing. In that short time, he's been travelling and dancing in Edmonton, Seattle and even Istanbul. He also DJ's at events and is currently a member of the Shake it Break it dance team. Dancing has brought immense joy to his life, and he can't wait to spread it around! Ask him to dance anytime!


Paige has been swing dancing since the Fall of 2013, during which time she has become an avid social dancer, member of the Shake It Break It Dance Team, and instructor for both the U of C Swing Dance Club and other groups in and around the Calgary area. Her love of athletics, music and spending time with fun-loving people has fueled her enthusiasm for swing dance, which never fails to put a smile on her face! Outside of dance and university studies, she enjoys playing field hockey and reading.

Sam Robinson, Finance Officer

Evan Meikleham, Social Coordinator


Sam has been dancing since 2011, and has dabbled in East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Blues, and Fusion. Hailing from Vancouver, his love of jazz music stems from playing drums in a jazz big-band for 8 years, but he will dance to pretty much anything! He is currently completing his PhD in Biology, and enjoys biking, rock climbing, and playing music. He also holds the unofficial world record for "Highest Latitude Charleston Dance"!


Evan has been swing dancing for about a year and a half. He gave it a try as a way of meeting people in a new city, jumped in head first and has not slowed down yet. This is his first year as an exec of the club, and he enjoys getting the chance to dance with everyone, from the complete beginners to the long-time dance veterans who absolutely amaze him.

Alison Davis, Marketing Coordinator

Eleonora Passelli, Resource Coordinator


Alison is a self-proscribed Adventuress who travels all over the world and loves cOMmunity, to dance as well as play with all sorts of interests from scuba diving and fire spinning to food and theater. Art in all it's forms. She took up swing dance with the UofC swing dance club fairly recently and joined the exec team this year. She is currently also the Motion Notion's Sanctuary coordinator and scheduler and on the exec team for Party Safe, a local harm reduction Not-For-Profit besides writing of her adventures, healing from surgery (on break from swing dance), and wandering the far eastern shores of Canada.


Eleonora started swing dancing in the Fall of 2013, when she moved to Aberdeen (Scotland). She's done all sorts of dancing since she was 4 and yet she definitely finds swing to be her favourite (though she constantly has inner debates on whether she prefers Lindy or Blues). This made her join the exec back in Aberdeen (which included helping to organise their own international weekend workshop) and she's delighted to have the opportunity to do the same in Calgary for her Study Abroad year. She particularly likes penguins and strawberries.