Lesson Resources

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Check out our previous years' videos here.

General Dancing Resources


Here's a song suggestion list full of fun, easy songs to dance to.

Jazz Online is a great place to find some classic swing music. All the copyrights have expired so download away!

Deezer will let you listen to whichever artist you want. I'm not sure why some 'grayed-out' and don't respond to left-clicks, but right-clicking works just fine...


Learn how swing music and dancing got started!

Instructional Material

How 2 Dance is a great site with lots of instructional videos on dance moves including lindyhop, charleston, balboa, and more.

Lindy Hop Moves is a great instructional site!

You can also check out the community page for more instructional videos suggested by your classmates in the Video Gallery.


Lindyhopper.ca has forums on everything swing, including forums for regional scenes.

You can also check out our Facebook page for comments and discussions with your classmates.

Still not enough swing?

Our partners also have excellent collections of resources available from their websites!