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Alberta's Amazing Landscapes

Alberta is blessed with an amazing range of landscapes. Within a day, it is possible to eat breakfast while standing on the Columbia Icefields, lunch while sitting beside a foothills stream, and dinner on the expansive prairie in view of canola or barley fields, or natural grasslands. Deep, incised river valleys have been carved by 12,000 years of erosion and provide access to the "badlands" that are the paleontologist's playgrounds. Below are some of my favourite images of Alberta's various landscape taken during work and play, plus a few water images from a recent trip to New Zealand. If interested, you can see more of my images, including some without water, here.

        Elbow Lake   Lac Beauvert   Bow km 0   Mt Remus   Mt Kidd   Bow Genesis   Calgary Night   Lisa   Shallow Lake   Castle Mountain   Taramakau River Valley   Kaikoura Coastline   Mt. Edith Cavell   Pyramid Lake   Beaver Ponds   Barrier Lake   Columbia Lake   Vermillion River I   P water 4.0   Fallen Soldiers   Wasooch Ridge   Wasooch Ridge   Red Deer at Dinosaur   Wedge Pond   Castle Mountain   Water Day   Three Sisters   Johnson Lake Supermoon   Calm Morning   Lake Louise Boathouse   Lake Windermere   Marsh Bluet   Morant's Curve   Paige in Streams   Peyto Lake Supermoon   Pilot Mountain   Red-Tailed Hawks   Tussock Moth  

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