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Nobody invented a sense of humour; that’s inherent. People have always laughed, joked, and shared comic stories. What the ancient Greeks and Romans did, however, was develop ways to express that comic sensibility in the theatre. Useful for those writing comedy for the theatre today, The Ancient Comedians explores the strategies used by the innovators who navigated the terrain thousands of years ago and made their mark on the craft.

The Blunt Playwright is written for the person wishing to learn about the art of playwriting. It contains chapters about form, creativity, process, and offers examples of instructive scenes and exercises that may be productively employed by the aspiring playwright.

Picking up where The Blunt Playwright left off, Clem Martini returns to the subject of playwriting, turning his attention to the lessons modern playwrights can learn from the ancient Greeks. Outlining the major playwrights of the era, their major works, and the impact they had on our modern understanding of drama, Martini weaves his direct, informative, and entertaining style through centuries of dramatic evolution to show us exactly what the first dramatists have to say to contemporary playwrights.

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