Md. Morshedul Islam

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Contact Information :

Office: ICT 626(ISPIA Lab)

Email: mdmorshedul.islam 'at'

           mdmorshedul.islam.ucal 'at'

Phone: 403-210-8199

Program Details:

Program: Ph.D. in Computer Science

Departement: Department of Computer Science

Supervisor: Dr. Rei Safavi-Naini

Lab: Institute for Security, Privacy and Information Assurance(ISPIA)


>Md. Morshedul Islam et al, “Energy aware bottleneck nodes avoidance data gathering tree for wireless sensor networks”, The International Conference on Wireless Networks,CSREA press, Las Vegas, USA, pp. 278-283. ISBN: 1601324146


>Md. Morshedul Islam et al, “Traffic management Congestion Control Scheme in ATM Networks”, The 2nd International Conference on Computer, Electrical, Electronics & Biomedical Engineering (ICCEEBE'2013), Planetary Scientific Research Center, Pattaya, Thailand, July 20 - 21, 2013.


>Md. Morshedul Islam et al,“Performance Improvement of Seamless Vertical Handover in Heterogeneous Wireless Network”, The 2nd International Conference on Machine Learning and Computer Science (IMLCS'2013), Planetary Scientific Research Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 25 - 26, 2013.


> Md. Morshedul Islam et al, “Evolution of the 4th Generation Mobile Communication Network: LTE-Advanced,” International Journal of Computer Technology and Applications (IJCTA), pp. 1092-1098, vol.2, no.4, 2011.


>Md. Morshedul Islam et al, “Load-Balancing Data Gathering Tree for Wireless Sensor Networks,” International Journal of Mobile & Adhoc Network (IJMAN), pp. 194-198, vol. 1,no.2, 2011.

Teaching Assistant(TA):

Fall'14:: Course Code: CPSC 501, Course Title: Advance Programming Technique

Winter'15:: Course Code: CPSC 329, Course Title: Explorations in Information Security and Privacy