Program & Abstracts of Topical AAS Session (22 & 31) on Binary Stars

Binary Stars: New Generation Modeling Developments and Results

This topical meeting took place during the AAS meeting in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on Tuesday, June 10, 1997 . The program lasted half a day, from 08:30 to 12;30. The well-attended session concluded with a poster review by Walter Van Hamme and a Round-Table Discussion about the philosophy and future of light-curve modeling codes.

An important outcome was the creation of a community list-server for binary star modeling by Stefan Mochnacki of the David Dunlap Observatory, Univ. of Toronto. This community bulletin board would be a way for modelers to interact with the binary star community and be made aware of the needs of the wider astronomical community. As eclipsing binary star programmes become ever more sophisticated, it may be useful to colleagues who have to deal with binary stars to be aware of modeling tools that are forthcoming, as well as those already available. So here is your chance to find out and contribute your ideas and needs to the modeling group. Contact Stefan ( to join this list, or look here:
list-server subscription info .

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Final Program

Binary Stars: New Generation Modeling Developments and Results

Date: Tuesday morning, June 10, 1997; 8:30-10:00; 10:45-12:30.

Format: Only invited 10-20 min. papers are listed.

-- all times exclusive of 5-min. question periods --

Poster papers (Session 31):