PhD Studentship Opportunity:

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for Glacial and Permafrost Hydrology Applications

Position Description:
The focus of the research to be undertaken will be the development and application Unmanned Aerial Systems for glacial and permafrost hydrology studies. The use of UAS to measure, monitor and study our rapidly changing environment has a great amount of potential. They offer the ability to collect environmental data (e.g. Earth surface imagery, thermal imagery, topography, atmospheric chemistry and thermal structure) with considerably greater spatial and temporal detail than ever possible before. This is an emerging research area that is seeing accelerated development due to the considerable scientific and commercial demand and the convergence of a number of evolving technologies.

Some of the significant issues associated with our changing climate are glacier retreat, thawing permafrost and ground ice melt. Unfortunately in remote Arctic regions quantifying these variables is difficult and costly. The application of UAS to this problem has the potential to provide answers with a level of precision never before possible. Developing UAS
applications to monitor these changes is enabling us to collect detailed data never before possible. With the flexibility to pursue the specific topic that you are most interested in, this research will involve the further development of UAS applications to solve real-world issues in the field of permafrost and glacial hydrology.

We now have over two decades of experience and background data from Bylot Island in the Canadian Arctic. And yet, there are still many questions to be answered. This location offers the perfect location to explore this research.

Award Details:
•        This studentship is valued at $25,000 CDN per year for 4 years for Canadian students and $30,000 CDN per year for international students for 4 years
•        You start your program in either September 2014 or January 2015.
•        You will join a dynamic group that involves cold regions researchers and a large team interested advancing the application of UAS for earth science applications.
•        The overall research program is funded by NSERC, PCSP and the University of Calgary.
The cost of your research activities will be covered through these sources.

This studentship is funded by the University of Calgary’s Eyes High Doctoral Student Recruitment program. The University of Calgary has a clear strategic direction to become one of Canada's top five research universities by 2016, where innovative teaching and groundbreaking research go hand in hand, and where we fully engage the communities we both serve and lead. The strategy is called Eyes High, inspired by our Gaelic motto, which translates to 'I will lift up my eyes'. We are increasing our scholarly capacity by investing in people who want to change the world, bringing the best and brightest to Calgary to form a
global intellectual hub and achieve advances that matter to everyone.

•        You hold a masters degree in Geography, Earth Science or a related discipline.
•        You have an entering GPA of at least 3.5 on the 4 point scale (or equivalent) in your last two years of study
•        You are intellectually curious, driven, have technical aptitude
•        You have experience in undertaking field research and are interested in working in the Arctic

Application Process:
Please submit your letter of interest, CV, transcripts and contact information for three referees to:

Professor Brian Moorman
Department of Geography
University of Calgary

Application Deadline: March 31, 2014

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