Norm's ENCM 369 L02 Home Page

Winter 2020

Norm Bartley

Here are notes that were posted following Norm's Winter 2020 lectures in ENCM 369 L02. This is a subset of the overall course notes, and correspond only to the lecture topics covered by Steve Norman's lecture videos this term. When it's my turn to post lecture videos, I will post this year's notes on D2L alongside my lectures.

This is provided only as a secondary reference. Please go to D2L for all current 2021 course material.

Norm's 2020 L02 Lecture Notes

Week 1 (Jan 13 - Jan 17)

Day Date Key Topics Notes
Mon Jan 13 A PowerPoint introduction to ENCM 369; organization of a simple computer. link
Wed Jan 15 Main memory, registers, memory reads/writes, sequences of machine instructions. link
Fri Jan 17 MIPS memory organization, registers, machine language, assembly language. link

Week 2 (Jan 20 - Jan 24)

Day Date Key Topics Notes
Mon Jan 20 More MIPS instruction examples, memory transfers, organizing MIPS registers. link
Wed Jan 22 Load and store instructions; accessing array elements; branching and jumping. link
Fri Jan 24 Comparisons, left-shifting, MIPS pseudoinstructions, procedure calling. link

Week 4 (Feb 03 - Feb 07)

Day Date Key Topics Notes
Wed Feb 05 Logic instructions (or, ori, lui, etc.); encoding of branch and jump instructions. link
Fri Feb 07 Compiling and building C programs; the gcc toolchain; object and executable files. link

Week 5 (Feb 10 - Feb 14)

Day Date Key Topics Notes
Mon Feb 10 The linker and relocation information; static and dynamic linking. link

Week 7 (Mar 2 - Mar 6)

Day Date Key Topics Notes
Fri Mar 6 Timing analysis in a single-cycle processor; introduction to pipelining. link

Week 8 (Mar 4 - Mar 8)

Day Date Key Topics Notes
Mon Mar 9 The five pipeline stages; pipelined execution of instructions; pipeline hazards. link
Wed Mar 11 Solutions to data and control hazards; introduction to pipelining hardware. link

Week 9 (Mar 16 - Mar 20)

Day Date Key Topics Notes
Mon Mar 16 Tracing an R-type instuction through the pipeline; pipeline control. link
Wed Mar 18 Data- and control-hazard management. link
Fri Mar 20 Exceptions and exception handling. link

Note: All the links below are to my 2019 lectures for all remaining topics in the course. By this time in 2020, we had made the switch to online format.

Week 10 (Mar 23 - Mar 27)

Day Date Key Topics Notes
Mon Mar 23 Cache introduction continued; locality of reference; a direct-mapped cache. link
Wed Mar 25 Direct-mapped caches, continued; set-bit conflicts; set-associative caches. link
Fri Mar 27 Multi-word blocks; set-associative cache-replacement strategies. link

Week 11 (Mar 30 - Apr 03)

Day Date Key Topics Notes
Mon Mar 30 The write buffer; the write-back and write-through caches; multi-level caches. link