Norm's ENCM 369 L02 Home Page

Norm's ENCM 369 L02 Home Page

Winter 2019

Norm Bartley

Watch here for notes from the document camera in ENE 241 following each of Norm's Winter 2019 lectures in ENCM 369 L02.

Please go to Steve Norman's ENCM 369 Home Page for 2019 course information. There, you'll find additional links to course documents, handouts, lab material, and his L01/T01/T02 lecture notes.

Norm's 2019 L02 Lecture Notes

Week 1 (Jan 10 - Jan 11)

Day Date Key Topics Notes
Thu Jan 10 A PowerPoint introduction to ENCM 369; organization of a simple computer. link
Fri Jan 11 Main memory, registers, memory reads/writes, sequences of machine instructions. link

Week 2 (Jan 14 - Jan 18)

Day Date Key Topics Notes
Mon Jan 14 MIPS memory organization, registers, machine language, assembly language. link
Wed Jan 16 More MIPS instruction examples, memory transfers, organizing MIPS registers. link
Fri Jan 18 Load and store instructions; accessing array elements; branching and jumping. link

Week 3 (Jan 21 - Jan 25)

Day Date Key Topics Notes
Mon Jan 21 [Revised] Comparisons, left-shifting, MIPS pseudoinstructions, procedure calling. link