ENGG 225 - Fundamentals of Electrical Circuits and Machines

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The University of Calgary
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Norm Bartley, Anis Haque, Pouyan (Yani) Jazayeri, Denis Onen
Winter Session, 2017

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Review Material and Practice Exams:

Recent ENGG 225 Midterm Examinations and Solutions

Past ENGG 325 Midterm Examinations and Solutions (ENGG 225 exams will be mostly identical to these):

Recent ENGG 225 Final Examinations and Solutions

NOTE: In the Winter 2011 version, first-order RC and RL transient analysis was covered, but this material has been deleted from the course!

Past ENGG 325 Final Examinations and Solutions

NOTE: As above for the 2011 version of the ENGG 225 exam, please ignore the question on first-order RC and RL transient analysis. Please also skip the diode questions, which was covered in ENGG 325, but was never an ENGG 225 topic.

Instructor Contact Information:

L01: Pouyan (Yani) Jazayeri [office, phone, website].
L02: Norm Bartley [office, phone, website].
L03: Denis Onen [office, phone, website].
L04: Anis Haque [office, phone, website].