Every year during exam periods we install a Labyrinth in the main Dance Studio. The Labyrinth is a place for students staff and faculty to chill out at these high-stress times of year. The Labyrinth is not a maze. You cannot get lost in it. It is a circular pattern laid out on the floor with a single path into the centre. You follow the same path back out.

Every installation is a bit different. Sometimes there has also been a Zen-do for seated meditation. Sometimes we have set up altars from various world religions. Sometimes there are places provided to study or take a nap. Sometimes we play music. Sometimes there are drums available to play. Sometimes we give away apples and oranges to whoever drops by. Its a no-string-attached place to focus and get a grip on things.

While there is no right or wrong way to walk the Labyrinth someone will be there to give you a suggestion and the Chaplains are available to provide pastoral care or counseling.

We are grateful for a grant of $2,000 from the Graduate Students’ Association that has enabled us to buy our own fabric labyrinth! (A lot less work!)

Walking Off your Exams

Spiritual Wellness:

The Labyrinth


Top left: Students visiting The Labyrinth April 09

Bottom left: Detailed instructions and background Dec. 2008

Exam Period

11:00 am to 4:00 pm April 18 -21 & 25 - 29

In the Dance Studio, KNA 163