In my research, I utilize modern, state-of-the-art electrophysiological, patchclamp, time-lapse video and fluorescence imaging, cell culture and molecular biological techniques.

My prime interest is in the cellular and molecular basis of rhythm generation and specific synapse formation. I specifically study the intrinsic and network properties of various neuronal ensembles which underlie rhythmic behaviours between the identified Lymnaea neurons such as locomotion and respiration. I am also interested in investigating the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying nervous system development and plasticity. My research program is directed towards determining how neurons find their path en route towards their targets and form specific synaptic connections with other neurons, and how their morphology and physiology is modified by injury or environmental stress. Finding answers to these questions is fundamental if we are to fully understand nervous system functions.

One of our electrophysiology recording rooms

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Naweed Syed , Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Two isolated neurons forming synapses in vitro